Monday, March 15, 2010

Jack's Cannery Bar, San Francisco

My first real post on this new blog, and the venue is a bar I really like. Yep, a bar, in a tourist trap area, Jack's Cannery Bar. But it is pretty cool, and a bit of an oasis from the Fisherman's Wharf tourist mobs.

I really like to "just sit" at Jack's, maybe have a conversation with my traveling companions, maybe just sit. The dark paneled walls, including some centuries-old carved panels, and the high intricate ceiling provide plenty to stare at while pondering the meaning of life, avoiding eye contact with family, or just pounding another beer before rejoining the masses on the street. It has several booths and tables which accommodate up 6-8 people, so it is a good place to land with a crowd, too. There is an outdoor seating area, great for a little fresh air, or for catching the musicians who often play the small open-air stage at the Cannery.

They have a lot of beer- 85 beers, over 60 of them on IMG_0763tap, a good selection and reasonably priced (especially for a tourist area). For the non-beer drinker (or those who want a change of taste) they generally have a couple of ciders and a perry (think "pear cider") on tap.

Food is OK. Just OK, not great. The menu is pretty sparse, especially compared with the myriad of places to dine on and around Fisherman's Wharf. And not cheap, either (not expensive by any means, just no bargains). They do have a $9.99 steak dinner, which is a $9.99 steak dinner. Oh, and they don't take credit cards- cash only, but there is an ATM on site. Unfortunately, the ATM is a free-standing unit, the kind that are way too easy a target for "bad people", so just bring cash.


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