Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maison, NYC

UPDATE: Maison is, sadly, permanently closed.

This was a pleasant (and unexpected surprise) Maison, just down Broadway from Times Square (diagonally across the street from the Sheraton Hotel and Towers).
Maison Brasserie
Maison is billed as a French-style Brasserie (which apparently has nothing to do with ladies’ undergarments), and is staffed by friendly and helpful folks. Great food, good prices (especially given the location), open 24 hours, this place single-handedly improved my opinion of both France and Manhattan on my last trip to NYC.
My co-workers claim their hamburgers are some of the best they’ve ever eaten, but I could not bring myself to do burgers in a French place, no matter how casual.  I can vouch for the Croque Monsieur sandwich, and everything looked great.  Breakfast was the real treat for me (I am a big fan of real breakfasts).  Both the French Toast and the smoked ham, gruyere and egg crepe helped me face a couple of days of booth babe duty at a conference, they are highly recommended.

Bon app├ętit