Friday, January 14, 2011

An unlikely place for Mexican

We stumbled across the Santa Maria Mexican diner/bar and gave it a try.  Tasty food, good drinks, reasonable prices, funky atmosphere, great service- a winner in my book.  Er, blog.


What’s so unlikely about it?  I really didn’t expect to find something like that while wandering around Berlin on New Year’s Eve (yes, that Berlin, the one in Germany).  Santa Maria is at Oranienstra├če 170, 10999 Berlin, and is one of three places run under the Las Marias umbrella.  We didn’t get a chance to try the others, but enjoyed the food and funk at Santa Maria.  Interesting artwork on the walls added to to the surreal feeling as fireworks exploded outside.


Although they are Brazilian, not Mexican, I especially enjoyed the caipirinhas at Santa Maria.  “I enjoyed the caipirinhas” is not, however, an uncommon occurrence.

A note on “authentic” versus “tasty”: if you are looking for authentic Mexican food, may I suggest you visit MEXICO, not Germany.  Tasty, however, is easier to find, including at Santa Maria.