Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sagamore Inn

[If you are coming to Cape Cod, for the love of $DEITY, do not shop at the mall, or dine at a chain restaurant.  Get off of the tourist trap lanes and see what’s left before it is too late.  OK, it is too late, but there are glimpses if you know where to look.  In this mood, I’ll share a few of my favorites in upcoming posts].

Not a chain.  Not a bar (although they do have one).  An actual family restaurant.  Family, as in family-friendly, family-owned, family-run.  Good food, and plenty of it, at good prices, too.  When they say “generous portions”, they mean it.


One look at the Sagamore Inn and you should know what to expect, Italian and American food- not gourmet, but very good.  The place has been around forever (OK, maybe just a long time) but has been maintained well, from the old bar to the woodwork to the white-painted tin ceiling, it is clearly from an earlier (and arguably better) time on Cape Cod.  If you are in the right mood it will even transport you back to a Cape Cod long lost to the short-sighted and myopic monster tourrerist machine that is the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and its ilk (screw you Wendy Northcross).

The menu is varied, with things for most appetites- except vegetarians won’t find much, and vegans will leave hungry.  I gravitate to their popcorn shrimp plate or rolls.  Not the typical flavorless little shrimp-like blobs sold most places as popcorn shrimp, the Sagamore uses delightful Maine shrimp for theirs.  Order light, or plan on taking food with you, they want you to leave full.  And you’ll want to save room for dessert.

If you are here in the summer, they are open for breakfast from 7am (maybe earlier, but you’re on vacation, so sleep in a little).

The Sagamore Inn is easy to find, it is right on Route 6a in Sagamore, right on the town line with Sandwich, not far from the Sandwich village center and close to the Sagamore bridge.