Friday, July 29, 2011

Cape Cod bookstores

Stuck on Cape Cod, and the weather sucks?  Or maybe you just like books- especially used books?  I have a couple of suggestions, both on historic Route 6a.  (Note: “historic” means a narrow, winding, tourist- and bicycle-laden scenic road.  Be patient, be attentive, and relax while on 6a, okay?)


You will find Titcomb’s Book Shop in East Sandwich, it is a great family run shop, around since 1969, well organized, with both used and new books.  The figure of the old man under their sign is a local icon, recently repaired after a traffic accident last year left the old guy in need of repair.  The used book section is generally well sorted and arranged for easy browsing.  The staff are “book people”, readers even- the kind of folks you expect at a family bookstore.  Stop by and browse.

Just about 12 miles east on 6a in Yarmouthport is Parnassus Book Service.  Parnassus has been around even longer than Titcomb’s and is in an early 18th century building, a former general store.  Parnassus also has both new and used books, but its charm is that is is a big old rambling used book store.  It is organized, but it is more of a used book spelunking adventure than the tidy Titcomb’s.  Parnassus has a vast array of books covering a variety of topics.  They are also known for their outdoor bookshelves, honor system purchasing of mostly paperbacks under the shelter of the building’s east side.  Plan on an extended browsing session if you venture in.



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