Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jerry’s and Gerardo’s

This one is a bit odd, no bars or restaurants- and a limited appeal, but if you need this info, you need it.  I was in Las Vegas earlier this year and unexpectedly needed to look presentable.  I needed to rent a tuxedo and get a haircut for a formal awards dinner.

Step one, the tux.  I don’t remember where I first found out about Jerry’s Tux Shop, but I’m glad I found them.  No where near the strip, but easy to deal with, and they can arrange delivery and pick up of your tux to your hotel.  Nice people, very helpful, and reasonable prices for very fast service.

Step two, a haircut.  I want a barber, not a stylist.  Someone at Jerry’s sends me to Gerardo’s Classic Barber Shop.  Good call, it is also off the strip, but easy to find at 3869 Spring Mountain (they have three shops in Las Vegas, but I’ve only been to this one).  As the name says, it is a classic barber shop, but they do some serious work for some of those fortunate to have enough hair to get creative with.  It is a working man’s shop, a lot of sports memorabilia and good old fashioned barbers.  I think I’ve been to Gerardo’s more than I’ve been to my barber at home this year.

Next post will be from Las Vegas, too- but I’ll be back to food for that one.



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