Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Los Antojos

Another venture off the Strip in Las Vegas, Los Antojos is a small, unassuming little restaurant with authentic Mexican food. 

This is no “Amigo McChachi’s” faux-TexMex margaritas-in-cactus-glasses place.  No burritos here folks.  Just good, authentic food.


The name means “cravings” and they boast of el autentico sabor de la Ciudad de Mexico (the authentic taste of Mexico City).  They have won awards for most authentic Mexican in Las Vegas, and I know why. I’ve only eaten there once, but it was great.  They make a mole sauce that is simply amazing.  Next time I’m in Vegas I have been told that their soup is outstanding.

The restaurant is pretty small, and the décor (for lack of a better term) is basic at best.  If this bothers you, please seek out an overpriced restaurant on the Strip, or an Amigo McChachi’s.  If you want a real taste of Mexico City, overlook the furnishings and eat up.

Los Antojos is easy to find, they’re at 2520 South Eastern Ave, near Sahara Ave.  Prices are inexpensive (downright cheap if you’ve been eating at the nicer hotel/casino restaurants).



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