Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

We didn’t discover this one, we’ve heard about it a few places- including Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (BTW, like the show, love many of the places he goes, but Guy is truly obnoxious).

They have a limited menu, if you want smoked fish, maybe with a side of hot German potato salad, or possibly a burger- go there.  If not, do not.  Not fancy, not stylish.  But it you want great smoked fish, go to Ted Peters. 

There are two ways to get the smoked fish- as a meal of one of the four types of fish they carry (subject to availability, if it isn’t fresh, you can’t have it), or as smoked fish spread.  The fish options are mullet (local and traditional), mackerel, salmon, and mahi-mahi (which is really dolphin- the fish not the mammal).  The smoke flavor is great- strong, but not overpowering (unless you don’t like smoked foods, in which case you shouldn’t be here).  The spread is available two ways: in a sandwich (really just mountain of smoked fish spread on toast) or with saltine crackers.  Old school.  Prices are reasonable- within the context of popular, in a tourist state, and labor intensive.  If you are on a tight budget, go for one of the fish spread options.  Interesting tidbit: they use southern red oak, which imparts a very hickory-like smoky flavor to the foods.


Ted Peters is an unassuming place, outdoor dining at picnic tables under a roof, a simple indoor dining room, no fancy silverware, and an outdoor bar. (Note: this is not a “bar”, it is a restaurant with a bar-like seating place, you can only have beer with your meal, no sitting at the bar getting tanked).  It is at 1350 Pasadena Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL, a bit out of the way for most folks visiting Tampa, but worth the trip.



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