Friday, March 30, 2012

Vesuvio, San Francisco


Another San Francisco classic, a North Beach legend. Vesuvio.  An traditional bar, with non-traditional style.  An old Jack Kerouac hangout, on Jack Kerouac Alley.  Across the alley from City Lights, the fantastic bookstore (which deserves its own entry in this blog).


Here’s my suggestion, wander over to City Lights, buy a book.  A made-from-dead-trees book.  Walk across the alley and into Vesuvio.  Order a drink- I recommend the “Jack Kerouac”, it sounds like a fruity rum drink, but it is not hyper sweet like a lot of tropical drinks.  (Rum, tequila, orange/cranberry juice, and lime- it has a few different things which have bite).  If you are feeling daring, go for the absinthe, but be warned people have been known to get bizarre cravings after drinking it.  Or maybe that was just my friends.  Now, take your drink and book upstairs and watch the world, read, and drink.  Or maybe just sit at the bar, be a little more sociable, and read a little less.


One last thing, the Vesuvio blog is not very well populated, only two posts.  One is quotes about drinking, some amusing, most you have heard if you are the kind of person who reads this blog.  The other post is Leo’s Short Guide to Good Bar Behavior, one of the best guides to bar behavior I’ve ever seen.  I’ll leave you with this quote from that post:

“The customer is always right; however, the bartender determines who is still a customer.”



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