Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fish House, Key Largo

The guy at the hotel said “I’m supposed to tell you our restaurant is the best, but go to the Fish House” (good food, horrid website, you’ve been warned).  So we did.  Good call hotel dude.


It was crowded, and rustically inelegant (what they call a casual "Keys style" atmosphere), and we dined at the bar to avoid waiting for a table.  Dining at the bar isn’t always as comfortable as at a table, but you get quality time with the bartender, which often more than makes up for it.  In this case, Joe was a great bartender and a good source of local info.  I can’t stress the importance of local knowledge enough, in this case Joe’s advice picked up from the kid at the hotel and led to the next stops on our little Keys adventure.  More on that in upcoming posts.


The food was very good, as were the drinks.  We enjoyed fresh, local fish, as you would expect in the Keys.  I particularly enjoyed their specialty “Matecumbe” style preparation, it is light, fresh and enhances the fish without overpowering it.  And the sides were not afterthoughts, they were also very good- it is usually hard to get excited over black bean and rice, but theirs are the best I’ve ever had.

Prices were reasonable within the boundaries of the Florida Keys- not a bargain, but not bad in context.  Most entrees are in the $20-30 range, with some below that and a few above.

Note that there are two adjacent restaurants, the original Fish House, and the Fish House Encore.  We dined at the original, Encore apparently doesn’t cook all of their fish, but I’ve heard that is OK if you call it “sushi”, which they do.