Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Elephant Room, Austin


It is pretty easy to find live music in Austin.  It is even easy to find good live music, it is after all “The Live Music Capital of the World”.  (I have often wondered how places like New Orleans feel about that claim, but I saw it on a T-shirt, so it must be true).  On a recent trip I was tipped off to a great jazz club, The Elephant Room


The Elephant room is a basement establishment, at 315 Congress, between 3rd and 4th.  Head in the door and down the narrow stairs, - and if you’ve come while it is light out expect to be blind for a while until your eyes adjust to the dim lighting.  The Elephant Room is a long, skinny place, and unless you are right up front the views of the stage will be pretty obstructed- but the sound system is great, powerful but not overpowering throughout the venue.  The night I stopped in there was a ten-piece Latin Jazz band playing.  They were packed pretty tight on the stage, but their music didn’t suffer, it was fantastic.  The bartenders are pros, the vibe is relaxed, the audience is diverse, and people are there for the music.


The Elephant Room is a great alternative the madness of Sixth Street just a few blocks away.