Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Buffalo NY: I found the dive bars.

They really aren’t hard to find in Buffalo, dive bars are all over the place- but I found a cluster of them worth special mention and a quick post.  On the 200 block of Allen St. you will find a handful of interesting places, two I can recommend as classic dives, complete with cheap booze, unreliable service, questionable hygiene, poor lighting, and everything else you want in a dive.  The others may be great, too, I haven’t tried them all.


My first stop was Nietzsche’s, a dive, and music venue.  I was too early for music, but the place looked ideal for grungy blues and local jazz.  $4 Jack Daniel’s on the rocks were a definite bonus.


Across the street and down a few doors is the Allen Street Bar and Grill (aka the Old Pink). One look and you know you are in for funky- and you get it.  I think the prime attraction here may be the folks you meet inside, quite an interesting crowd, even when it is nearly empty.  Oh, and $4 JDs here, too.  I don’t recall paying less than twice that much for one in many years.

I have a backlog of places to write about, maybe this will jump start my travel/drunkard blogging.  Maybe not.



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