Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Kona Club, and Messob, Oakland, CA

You may have guessed by now that I like tiki bars, and that I also like dive bars.  Imagine a tiki bar worn comfortable by the passage of time (and alcohol), with real tiki decorations and style, but with a laid-back dive vibe.

Welcome to the Kona Club.


(image credit: Kona Club website)

The Kona Club is on Piedmont Ave, near (but not in) the city of Piedmont (a small city within a city, Piedmont is completely surrounded by Oakland).  Tiki drinks and Hawaiian shirts. or t-shirts and beers, either way, Kona Club has you covered.

It is worth mentioning that a wander down Piedmont Ave. will take you to several good restaurants, we found Messob Ethiopian just a couple of blocks away at 4301 Piedmont and packed in enough outstanding Ethiopian food to steel ourselves for a bar crawl night in Oakland (yeah, a few more spots to add to the “should blog about” list).  Great food, and lots of it.  The ambiance at Messob is nothing special, but when you get your first smell of their food from about a block away you won’t care if it looks like a generic restaurant- the food is outstanding.



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