Sunday, November 30, 2014

Quick and overdue update: Las Vegas

I’ve written about several place in Vegas, and a few need updates.

First, it saddens me to cross two places off of my favorites list.  Yayo Taco is no more, and Firefly can’t be recommended  as they can’t seem to shake health code problems at some locations- and they’re back to one at last count.  (Rumor has it that the health department has been brutal and possibly trying to make money on fines- but rumors are rumors, and food poisoning is food poisoning.)

The good news is that Los Antojos, Herbs and Rye, and Frankie’s Tiki Room, and Double Down are still great.

Frankie’s Tiki Room  remains my go-to place in Vegas.  It is not as quiet as it used to be, but that means it is likely to be around for a good, long time.  (I think they are about to celebrate their fifth anniversary).

Double Down remains, well, the Double Down.  I had the great fortune to hang out with many for the Frankie’s crew at a KILLER punk/surf show there this past summer- it was amazing.  And, check the schedule- the amazing Fuku Burger truck parks out front for special occasions.

HEY, there’s one to add, the Fuku Burger truck is worth chasing down when you are in Vegas.  From their site:

Fukuburger is Las Vegas's local-favorite food truck. We do All-American burgers with a Japanese twist for those who don't take life too seriously.

They start with great burgers, and then get creative.  These are “juices running down your arms” good burgers.  The best bet for finding the Fuku Burger truck is to follow them on Twitter.

Los Antojos remains the place for authentic Mexican food in Las Vegas.  The soups are amazing, the tortilla soup is other-worldly good.  Note: the small bowls of soup are not small, the large bowls of soup are quite large.

And now that I look, I appear to have neglected to write about Herbs and Rye.  Herbs and Rye is a great steakhouse and craft cocktail bar, well west of the strip on Sahara.  You would be forgiven for overlooking it from the outside, but don’t.


Herbs and Rye is known to locals for their happy hours- where it isn’t the drinks, but the steaks which are half-price.  That is an amazing deal on great steaks.  The cocktail menu is laid out historically, starting with the Gothic and Golden ages of cocktails  (pre-1865 and 1865-1900), progressing through prohibition, and through modern times.  The one period where I strongly disagree with them is what they refer to as the “Dark Age” (1949-1989)- they apparently aren’t fans of tiki drinks.  I could forgive them that, many tiki drinks leave a lot to be desired- but with Frankie’s a mere two and a half mile walk from Herbs and Rye there is no excuse for not recognizing that some tiki drinks are truly worthy of the title “craft cocktail”.  (Yes, I have walked it- helps work off that steak you just ate).

Cheers, bon appetite, whatever…