Thursday, September 29, 2016

The overlooked ingredient in ice: water

Wanna know how to ruin almost every one of your drinks?  Use foul tasting water for ice making.  It seems pretty obvious, but I’ve experienced this a lot lately, and it pains me.

Whether shaken or stirred, ice not only cools a drink, it dilutes it- and if the water used to make ice tastes like chlorine, swamp funk, or whatever else, your drinks will too.

I’ve even encountered places where they didn’t filter the funk out of water for the soda systems and everything from soft drinks to iced tea tasted as if it was made with bilge water.  I would hate to think what bizarre things grow in those lines and on the icemakers after a few months.  I generally go for a bottled beer at places like this- and don’t return.

Solving water quality issues can be  a big challenge for bars and restaurants given their scale and volume of water usage, but at home you should be able to adequately filter your water or used bottled water to get decent ice and better drinks.

Or just drink your whisky neat- but that leaves the whole world of cocktails behind and we don’t want that.